Shell Geoscience is central to our aims of satisfying the world’s energy needs.

Even in the context of a shifting energy balance towards more renewable energy resources, fossil hydrocarbons will remain important for decades to come. However, the process of finding and producing oil and gas supplies is becoming more complex, meaning Shell Geoscience requires the most innovative and creative individuals to help power it’s progress. 

Shell Geoscientists work in collaborative, integrated teams using a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Making informed decisions that impact Exploration, Development and Production, Shell Geoscientists contribute to the continued success of the Upstream business over its full lifecycle.

As a Geoscientist at Shell you will benefit from an industry-leading training programme, unique self-guided career development and invaluable on-the-job experience. With the possibility of working alongside Shell’s foremost scientists on groundbreaking projects worldwide, a job in Geoscience will help impact how we tackle the world’s energy challenges.

The Sivas Basin, Central Turkey

Shell Geoscientists use a variety of technologies and methodologies to explore for hydrocarbons in regions such as the Sivas Basin – a relatively unexplored area in central Turkey. 

Shell Geoscientists used remote sensing techniques to carry out a detailed geological mapping over the Sivas licence blocks in Turkey. Image processing methods such as principal component analysis and classification methods were applied to highlight lithological features of the basin. Additionally, a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) analysis was carried out to expose the basin’s structural features.

The resulting geological map derived from satellite imagery proved to be an invaluable dataset supporting seismic gravity-magnetics interpretation. It represents a real improvement in geological mapping that allows for better-informed business decisions.

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