SNG currently operates a world class gas transmission and distribution network of approximately 115km in Nigeria. It operates several systems including Agbara-Ota in Ogun state, the Aba Cluster in Abia State the Port Harcourt Cluster in Rivers State. Over the years, SNG has built a reputation as the safest & most reliable gas distribution company in Nigeria.

Our customers range from medium-scale businesses to large corporations, in industries as diverse as glass making, foods and beverages, packaging, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, as well as CNG companies.

SNG aspires to maintain its reputation as a pioneer, and the most credible gas distributor in the Nigerian market.

Natural gas can be used for any of these purposes:

  1. Power Generation: Natural gas is often used for power generation using turbines, micro turbines or gas generators.
  2. Industrial Use: Natural Gas is used for a variety of industrial processes e.g. space heating, raising of steam via boilers, furnace operations etc.
  3. As Feedstock: Natural gas is used as chemical feedstock for fertilizer and methanol production.
  4. For Transportation: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is used as fuel for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) like forklifts, cars and buses. it is especially attractive to organizations that operate large fleets of vehicles, enabling them to enjoy considerable economies of scale.

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Who we are

Shell has a history of over 50 years in Nigeria and the largest footprint of all the international oil and gas companies operating in the country.

What we do

Shell is an integrated energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.