Our EIA reports stipulate how we manage the impact and benefit to the environment and society. It is an instrument by which we identify and assess the potential environmental, social and health impacts of a proposed project, evaluate alternatives, and design appropriate environmental and social management plans during the life-cycle of the project. These reports are scrutinised by the regulator as part of the approval process for the project.

This web page contains Categories 1 and 2 EIA reports that have received final regulatory approvals since 2014. By regulation, Category 1 EIAs are on public display for a minimum of 21 working days and also undergo public reviews, which are managed by the regulators, depending on the size of the project. Category 2 EIAs, on the other hand are not subjected to 21-working days public display but undergo Technical reviews managed by regulators.

EIAs are required for:

  1. Oil and gas fields development;
  2. Construction of off-shore, on-shore and overland pipelines;
  3. Construction of oil and gas separation, processing, handling and storage facilities;
  4. Construction of oil refineries;
  5. Construction of product depots for the storage of petrol, gas or diesel which are located within three kilometres of any commercial, industrial or residential areas and which have a combined storage capacity of 60,000 barrels or more;
  6. Petroleum refining.

The larger reports are available in both PDF and ZIP (downloadable) format. Some of these files are large and may take some time to open/download:

Agbada Non-Associated Gas (NAG) Project: (2016)

Assa North Facilities and Drilling Project: (2016)

EA/EJA Further Oil Development (FOD) EIA

Adibawa-Gbaran 3D Reshoot Seismic Data Acquisition: (2015)

Dodo North Development Wells Project: (2015)

Otumara Associated Gas Solution (AGS) Project: (2015)

Saghara Associated Gas Solution (AGS) Project: (2015)

Soku Gas Plant-San Barth Manifold Project: (2014)

For further information please contact:

Manager HSE Environment