December 2016
Date Reported Incident Site JIV Date Terrain Cause Estimated Spill Volume (bbl) Recovered Spill Volume (bbl) Clean-up Status Comments Photo JIV Report
Dec 02, 2016 2" Yokri Well127T Gas Lift Line Dec 21, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 1 n/a No recoverable oil found, assessment completed on 08 Mar 2017, clean-up and remediation completed on 15 Jan 2019, site certified on 15 Jan 2019, documentation completed on 22 Aug 2019 - Download Download
Dec 05, 2016 28'' Bomu-Bonny Pipeline at Otokolomabio - Oloma Dec 07, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 32 n/a Recovery completed on 09 Dec 2016, assessment completed on 04 Sep 2019, clean-up and remediation planned to be completed in Sep 2021 - Download Download
Dec 22, 2016 28" Bomu-Bonny Pipeline at Bodo City Dec 24, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 5 n/a Recovery completed on 26 Dec 2016, assessment completed on 30 Nov 2017, clean-up and remediation planned to be completed in Nov 2022 Stated timeline for cleanup is as agreed between NAPIMS, DPR,NOSDRA,BODO and community representatives; to ensure effective/thorough clean-up and certification. The Bodo clean-up process is managed by an independent mediation committee (Bodo Mediation Initiative - BMI) comprising amongst others of representatives of; Federal /State Government regulators, Bodo Community and Coalition of NGOs. Download Download