December 2016
Date Reported Incident Site JIV Date Terrain Cause Estimated Spill Volume (bbl) Recovered Spill Volume (bbl) Clean-up Status Comments Photo JIV Report
Dec 02, 2016 2" Yokri Well127T Gas Lift Line Dec 21, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 1 n/a No recoverable oil found, assessment completed on 08 Mar 2017, clean-up and remediation completed on 15 Jan 2019, site certified on 15 Jan 2019, documentation completed on 22 Aug 2019 - Download Download
Dec 05, 2016 28'' Bomu-Bonny Pipeline at Otokolomabio - Oloma Dec 07, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 32 n/a Recovery completed on 09 Dec 2016, assessment completed on 04 Sep 2019, clean-up and remediation planned to be completed on December 2020 - Download Download
Dec 22, 2016 28" Bomu-Bonny Pipeline at Bodo City Dec 24, 2016 Swamp Sabotage 5 n/a Recovery completed on 26 Dec 2016, assessment completed on 30 Nov 2017, clean-up and remediation planned to be completed on December 2020 Remediation of this incident will be completed by 2020. Stated timeline for cleanup is as agreed between NAPIMS, DPR,NOSDRA,BODO and community representatives; to ensure effective/thorough clean-up and certification. The Bodo clean-up process is managed by an independent mediation committee (Bodo Mediation Initiative - BMI) comprising amongst others of representatives of; Federal /State Government regulators, Bodo Community and Coalition of NGOs. Download Download