“Fresh out of university, I secured a role with a services company operating in the oil and gas sector but realised I could get better opportunities to broaden my knowledge of the industry elsewhere. That’s when I made the decision to join Shell’s Graduate Programme.

A big part of why I chose Shell’s Graduate Programme over others was because of the opportunities it offers in both technical and non-technical roles. In the Netherlands, the infrastructure is so well developed that you can easily move around and involve yourself in a wide variety of tasks within different operations.

The learning side of the programme is also fantastic. Within a solid support network, I was always pushed to reach my potential and given the freedom to figure out which role would fit me best."

"You get to develop at your own pace, find out what motivates you most and discover your ideal position."

Floris Duursma

Making an impact

After formally completing the Shell Graduate Programme I felt a sense of great achievement. While continuing with my further development, on the Shell Advanced Technical Programme, I was appointed as a Well Intervention Supervisor in Norway and given a broad set of responsibilities that I was solely accountable for. Here adding true value to projects that have significant bearing on Shell’s global operations.

In January 2014 I joined the Completion & Well Interventions department at Petroleum Development Oman. After working in Europe for so long it’s been a bit of an adjustment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for me to learn though; CWI is a new technical subject for me and I’m finding it really interesting. 

I’m actively involved in the work being carried out on site as I get to interact with many Shell employees face-to-face and guide them in executing their roles. Also, ours isn’t the only installation in the area, so whenever I encounter any problems I’m able to discuss it with peers from other units. It’s a great way to find solutions to problems.

"I got a real sense that I was ready to add true value to projects that have significant bearing on Shell’s global operations."

Floris Duursma

Work-life balance

At the moment, I’m back and forth to Oman as currently I’m working on rotation. I work four weeks straight then have four weeks off when I can go home, or even go travelling. 

In the Wells Engineering department we have Wells away-days where all available graduates go for a three-day trip a couple of times a year to either the UK, Norway or the Netherlands. I’ve been twice now and I really enjoyed both times. We all made presentations, discussed our projects and talked about how we were finding life on the programme; it was a great way to share my experiences with the others.

What I really like about the work environment at Shell is the freedom given to employees to find their own way. For me, that really is a selling point. You get to develop at your own pace, find out what motivates you most and discover your ideal position. And that’s a very good thing.”

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