The Shell Graduate Programme

As a technical graduate, you’ll embark on a three-year training programme, which will give you a comprehensive introduction to many areas of Shell’s business and operations. From this robust platform you’ll be perfectly positioned to become a pioneer in the field of Well Engineering, which could set you on the road to a long and fulfilling career in the energy sector.

Joining the Programme you'll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s leading technical experts and visionaries, as well as gaining experience on some of Shell’s most groundbreaking engineering projects. Within Shell you'll find a supportive work environment, designed to ensure you develop to your potential. You’ll also build valuable networks with teams across the globe, leading to truly collaborative innovations and advances in the field of well engineering.

Well Engineering

Our wells engineers are at the heart of our Upstream business, delivering critical support to our global exploration and development teams, they also play a part in our efforts to achieve a reliable energy future.

If you join us as a wells engineer you’ll work with teams who are constantly innovating to help meet the energy needs of society in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways. You could be involved in providing critical support from our global exploration projects, designing, building and maintaining different types of wells all over the world. To do this you’ll need a high level of technical competency, passion and a collaborative work ethic.

Roles and responsibilities

Working as a Wells Engineer for Shell is a chance to become an innovator within one of the company’s most influential disciplines. You could contribute to a variety of operational areas, including:

  • Completions and Well Engineering
  • Health Safety Security & Environment Principles
  • Well Design
  • Well Economics
  • Wells Contract Managements
  • Wells Site Engineering

Your responsibilities could include:

  • Optimising well construction maintenance and abandonment operations
  • Subsurface data gathering
  • Testing and monitoring well flow
  • Engineering of well intervention activities

Training and development opportunities

Throughout the Programme you'll receive regular development checks to help you to discover your true potential as a Wells Engineer and to become an accomplished professional. At Shell we believe that best practice and rigorous standards are only as effective as the people who implement them, which is why we offer world-class training and development. There will be a combination of on-the-job, classroom and online learning. You'll also be given continuous coaching and mentoring.

Future assignments

Your development won’t end after the Shell Graduate Programme. Once completed, you will continue to develop and continue your technical skills through the three-year ‘Shell Advanced Technical Programme’. Following a clear structure and defined goals, this further learning will enable you to continue to push boundaries and take on a more senior role in Shell’s technical environment.

Develop your skills and push boundaries