The Shell Graduate Programme

Our three-year training programme offers talented individuals a comprehensive introduction to various areas of Shell’s business and operations within the technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme. As part of Shell’s Rotating Equipment Engineering team you’ll play an essential role in maintaining our exceptional technical performance. Along with other talented professionals, you’ll contribute to the overall success of Shell in a number of ways, including reducing capital expenditure on new projects or upgrading projects by selecting equipment based on the latest technology; increasing the reliability and availability of equipment; and optimising equipment operation to maximise production.

Rotating Equipment Engineering

The Rotating Equipment group provides technical and operational support to more than 100 refineries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants and upstream operators worldwide. Our customers operate a comprehensive range of advanced equipment including more than 600 gas turbines, thousands of compressors, steam turbines and many types of pumps (with their drivers and supporting systems).

You’ll be part of a team delivering integrated solutions to our global customers, both Shell and Joint Ventures. Rotating Equipment plays a key role in plant operations: results-driven engineers with a passion for turbo machinery will thrive in an environment where sourcing fit-for-purpose equipment and optimising its maintenance can help improve the bottom line.

Roles and responsibilities

As a graduate on the Programme you’ll have the opportunity to display and develop your knowledge on major machinery types, rotor dynamics and performance calculations. Roles and responsibilities can include:

  • Project design support – engineering of the right equipment for the project and selection of the best manufacturers
  • Project implementation support - testing of large new compressors driven by gas turbines together with the manufacturers
  • Installation and starting of new equipment
  • Production enhancement support
  • Gas turbine improvement projects in facilities to increase the revenue of the facility

Training and development opportunities

Shell is unique in the way it develops technical skills in Rotating Equipment and other disciplines. After you have completed the Shell Graduate Programme you can benefit from the Shell Advanced Technical Programme, which has the objective of reducing the time it takes to grow staff towards a Technical Authority role. It is a very exciting opportunity to form a sound engineering basis with many options to develop at a later stage into senior managerial roles, either as a subject specialist or in projects and asset management.

Rotating Equipment Engineering: essential to Shell