The Shell Graduate Programme

As a graduate within the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme you can expect an industry-leading two to three-year learning programme, offering real responsibilities, challenges and continued professional development. It’s a comprehensive introduction to the exciting world of Reservoir Engineering and a chance for you to gain insights into some of Shell’s most pioneering projects. You'll benefit from formal training and continuous coaching.

As part of Shell’s global network of professionals, you'll have the chance to work alongside some of the industry’s leading visionaries and work with with cutting-edge technologies. We want to help you pinpoint the areas of the company that excite you most and shape you into an accomplished professional.

Reservoir Engineering

Our Reservoir Engineers make a significant contribution to our Upstream operations. Requiring the innovative application of a highly technical skillset, you’ll be transforming petrophysical and geological data into dynamic reservoir models. By developing economically viable plans, forecasting oil and gas production, or recommending well locations for maximum efficiency, you will have a hands-on impact on how oil, gas and water is distributed within our reservoirs. At Shell our Reservoir Engineers work together as part of a collaborative team to deliver groundbreaking energy solutions and help solve the energy issues of the future.

Roles and responsibilities

Reservoir Engineering covers a large range of complex functions critical to Shell’s global businesses. Curious minds will not be disappointed; you'll be exposed to an exciting range of challenging opportunities available, including:

  • Using advanced numerical simulation techniques to forecast oil and gas production from both new and existing hydrocarbon fields
  • Collaborating with other technical professionals in devising economically viable development plans for oil and gas accumulations
  • Optimising recovery plans, including new well locations or projects involving enhanced recovery methods
  • Managing the day-to-day operation of oil and gas fields
  • Developing and executing data-gathering plans and using the results to develop projects to increase recovery efficiency

Training and development

Shell is a supportive working environment where every opportunity is taken to help you achieve your career potential and push boundaries within the field. You will benefit from a well-defined learning structure and will receive regular progress checks to ensure you are benefiting from the wide range of learning resources available.

Work on Shell’s most pioneering projects