The Shell Graduate Programme

As a technical graduate, within the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you'll be part of our world-class technical team and reap the benefits of two to three years of structured learning. You'll be offered real responsibilities and challenges, and be given exposure to some of the critical issues facing the energy industry. You'll be able to satisfy your curiosity and contribute solutions to those issues. Throughout the Programme, you’ll have the opportunity to draw on the experience of senior Petrophysics experts while working on some of Shell’s most pioneering technical projects.


As part of Shell’s global Petrophysics team you'll be directly involved in searching for and recovering new oil and gas reserves, and as a result have an impact on the future of the world’s energy supply. Problem solvers and innovators will find a stimulating and rewarding working environment at Shell, where our teams work with state-of-the-art technologies such as Global Mapping, Remote Sensing and Seismic Monitoring. On the Shell Graduate Programme, you’ll play an instrumental part in maintaining Shell’s competitive edge in the global energy market.

Roles and responsibilities

As part of one of the leading Petrophysics teams in the world you'll be working with some of the industry’s most innovative technologies in areas such as:

  • Geological Mapping
  • Remote Sensing
  • Seismic Monitoring

You can expect to impact areas of the business involving:

  • Designing data acquisition programmes
  • Measuring reservoir volumes
  • Assessing potential oil and gas yield
  • Liaising with geologists and engineers

Training and development opportunities

You'll benefit from regular in-depth progress checks to make sure your career trajectory is on track, as well as the chance to develop the soft skills required to become a standout Shell professional. Shell is a supportive working environment where you'll get the formal training, coaching and mentoring you need to polish your already extensive scientific knowledge and technical capabilities.

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