The Shell Graduate Programme

As a geoscience graduate joining the Technical area of the Shell Graduate Programme, you'll embark on a three-year blended learning programme. It is a combination of on-the-job development, structured training and fieldwork, designed to introduce you to the full scope of Shell’s operations, build your networks and give you a broad foundation for your future career.

Curious to find out how and where you can apply your skills? You'll be assigned to work as part of a team on a current technical project and you'll have the chance to rotate between roles, while working closely with senior technical experts.


Geoscience is at the core of Shell’s business. It is suited to creative, technical graduates keen to embrace innovative technology and use it to push boundaries in the search for new, commercially viable reserves of oil and gas, as well as maximising existing fields. It’s essential work and will see you playing an instrumental role in building a secure global energy future.

Roles and responsibilities

A Geoscience career offers you a wide array of roles and responsibilities that include:

  • Exploration Geoscience
  • Geophysics
  • Production Geoscience
  • Specialist Geoscience

Specific specialist Geoscientist roles include:

  • Structural Geologist
  • Carbonate Sedimentologist
  • Clastic Sedimentologist
  • Basin Modeller
  • Geochemist
  • Biostratigrapher
  • Petrographer

Training and development opportunities

At Shell, we believe in teamwork and operate a culture of continuous development. You can expect industry leading formal training, on-the-job training, mentoring and regular progress checks. While on the Shell Graduate Programme you'll have many opportunities to mix with colleagues and fellow graduates and to share knowledge. On completion of the Shell Graduate Programme, we want you to have developed a detailed understanding of Exploration Geoscience, Geophysics, Production Geoscience, Specialist Geoscience, and the overall Shell business.

Future assignments

The world’s energy challenges are becoming more complex by the day. We seek talented graduates; those who have the ambition to become Shell’s future leaders. We’ll continue to support you to achieve that aim. Once you have completed the Shell Graduate Programme there are further training and development opportunities available to deepen your understanding of Geoscience and become an accomplished Shell professional.

Work on Shell’s most pioneering projects