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Essential to the continued success of the company, Contracting and Procurement jobs at Shell provide critical support to operations and projects by negotiating with suppliers for the global delivery of products and services. Contracting and Procurement jobs deliver value through a strategic approach to managing categories and developing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. There are global opportunities at Shell in both our Upstream and Downstream businesses that offer professional development within the discipline of Contracting and Procurement as well as the opportunity to use key methodologies, such as Enterprise Framework Agreements (EFA) and Supplier Management.

A Contracting and Procurement role at Shell could see you assigned to support some of our groundbreaking deepwater exploration projects, such as BC-10, off the coast of Brazil or Perdido and Stones, in the Gulf of Mexico. But wherever your role takes you, a Contracting and Procurement job at Shell will see you working with highly skilled and experienced professionals working towards delivering Shell’s long-term strategic business plans.

A career in Contracting and Procurement at Shell is not only an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to progress in one of the industry’s most innovative companies, but also a chance to continuously develop as a professional and work with cutting-edge procurement tools and systems.

Develop your career in Contracting and Procurement at Shell

Aerial view of an oil refinery at night

Careers in Contracting and Procurement require candidates who can build and maintain relationships, who can effectively negotiate for a lower cost of supply while maintaining quality and safety standards, and who can provide support solutions to our businesses so that they remain competitive.

An integral part of Shell’s Contracting and Procurement jobs is to create and develop relationships with our vast network of suppliers. As such, candidates should have excellent interpersonal skills, a responsible and collaborative work ethic and the ability to accurately develop and persuasively communicate a proposition to Shell businesses and third parties. A sound commercial acumen, a solid grounding in numeracy and demonstrable professional experience are also essential.

As many of our Contracting and Procurement roles involve working with cross-functional teams, your ability to work in an end-to-end environment will be beneficial. A career in Contracting and Procurement includes access to development and mentorship programmes across all levels – plus a working environment that supports and promotes diversity, collaboration and social responsibility.

Meet the manager

As Contracting and Procurement Manager for Shell Exploration and Production, Joseph Yuen has a varied and busy role. “I am accountable to deliver and execute the CP strategy and all contracting and procurement activities in accordance with global policies, practices and project requirements associated with Deepwater, Midstream and Downstream,” he says.

Joseph also plays a key role during the formation of groundbreaking projects and adds: “It is very exciting to be working with projects in the early stages of development.”

For Joseph, it is this constant stimulation, and the fact that the working environment at Shell is one that promotes responsibility, that makes his role such a rewarding one. “People at Shell are really interested in balancing the need to fulfil their business objectives in an environmental, social and economically focused manner. People feel passionately about not only serving Shell but our community too.”

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