Our strategy seeks to reinforce our position as a leader in the oil and gas industry, while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way. Safety and environmental and social responsibility are at the heart of our activities.

Shell in Nigeria

Shell in Nigeria

Shell has a history of over 50 years in Nigeria and the largest footprint of all the international oil and gas companies operating in the country. Its companies and investments have played a pioneering role in onshore, shallow and deep water oil exploration and production. Shell has also been at the forefront of gas development, producing and delivering gas to domestic consumers and export markets for over 40 years.

Exploration and Production: 

Most of our exploration and production activities are concentrated in onshore, shallow and deep water.

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) 

SPDC is the largest private-sector oil and gas company in Nigeria. It is the operator of a joint venture between the government-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation – NNPC (55%), Shell (30%), Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited – a subsidiary of Total (10%), and Agip (5%). SPDC’s operations in the Niger Delta are spread over 30,000 square kilometres.

Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) 

SNEPCO, 100% owned by Shell, was formed in 1993 to develop Nigeria’s deep-water oil and gas resources offshore – the new frontier for the country’s energy industry at the time. It signed a production-sharing contract with NNPC to operate two deep-water licences. The company produces oil and gas in water depths up to 2,500 metres and has made some significant discoveries.

Natural Gas:

Shell Nigeria Gas has been in the forefront of efforts to monetise Nigeria’s abundant gas resources. Its mission is to provide manufacturing and service industries with a clean, reliable, low-cost alternative to liquid fuel and to assist in building a stronger economy.

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd is a fully owned Shell company incorporated in 1998 for the downstream distribution of gas to industry in Nigeria. Its mission is to provide manufacturing and service industries with a clean, reliable, low-cost alternative to liquid fuel and to assist in building a stronger economy.

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd (SNG)

SNG, wholly owned by Shell, was incorporated in March 1998 to promote gas as a more reliable and cleaner alternative for Nigerian industries than liquid fuel. SNG currently operates a gas transmission and distribution network of approximately 115km. It operates several systems including Agbara-Ota, which has a supply capacity of 42million standard cubic feet per day. The Aba Cluster distribution system supplies natural gas to industrial customers around Aba city, Abia State, including industrial customers in industrial parks at Agbara and Ota (Ogun State) and Aba (Abia State).

Liquefied Natural Gas

Shell Nigeria has been very active in the Liquefied Natural Gas project since its inception in the mid-1960s. NLNG is a joint venture incorporated in 1989 to produce LNG and natural gas liquids for export.

It was Nigeria’s first LNG project. Shell holds a 25.6% share, together with NNPC (49%), Total (15%) and ENI (10.4%).

The NLNG plant at Bonny Island has six processing units (trains) with total processing capacity of 22 million tonnes a year of LNG and up to 5 milliontonnes of natural gas liquids (LPG and condensate)

NLNG accounts for approximately 7% of the world’s total LNG supply

NLNG supplies power to more than 200,000 residents and businesses on Bonny Island via a rural electrification scheme.

Shell worldwide

Shell worldwide

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies.

Our operations are divided into four businesses: Upstream, Integrated Gas, Downstream, and Projects & Technology.

In Upstream we focus on exploration for new liquids and natural gas reserves and on developing major new projects where our technology and know-how add value for resource holders.

In Integrated Gas, we focus on liquefying natural gas (LNG) and converting gas to liquids (GTL) so that it can be safely stored and shipped to markets around the world.

In Downstream, we focus on turning crude oil into a range of refined products, which are moved and marketed around the world for domestic, industrial and transport use. In addition, we produce and sell petrochemicals for industrial use worldwide. Shell’s oil sands mining activities in North America are also part of the Downstream organisation.

Our Projects & Technology business is responsible for delivering new development projects and the research and development that leads to innovative and low-cost investments for the future.



Shell Nigeria places great importance on making a difference in the environment in which people live and work, fostering and maintaining relationships with communities, taking care to be a good neighbour and contributing to sustainable development initiatives.

Energy and innovation

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