SPDC takes the threat posed by malaria very seriously and has joined efforts to control the disease.

The World Health Organisation estimates that about half of Nigeria's adults have at least one episode of malaria each year and up to 3-4 times a year in younger children. Malaria is the reason for hospital attendance in seven out of 10 patients seen in Nigerian hospitals. It is the cause of one in four deaths recorded in infants and young children and accounts for one out of every maternal deaths around childbirth.

In 2009, we concluded a three-year, $4.5 million (Shell share $1.13 million) partnership with Africare to reduce the impact of malaria on mothers and children in the Niger Delta through awareness programmes and the distribution of drugs and mosquito nets.

In addition, we reached more than 114,000 people through our health outreach programmes, which provided a range of services including health education, vaccinations, eye-testing, treatment of malaria and minor ailments, the distribution of mosquito bed nets, HIV screening and de-worming school children.