SPDC has been supporting Health Care delivery in the Niger Delta since the 1980s. We align with government strategies and strengthen the delivery of routine immunisation through clinic based services in the SPDC supported health facilities and community based outreach activities.

It is SPDCs Community Health Services policy to cooperate and work as partners with host communities, all tiers of government, local and international organisations to improve the overall health of the communities where the company operates.

Focus is given to health activities and programmes that have high impact particularly on vulnerable and at risk members of the community. This is one of the driving principles behind support of the country’s immunisation programme since 1997.

Due to difficulty of access to health facilities in the Niger Delta, SPDC provided motorcycles to extension workers for home visits, vaccine cold chain system management, technical and logistic support to Niger Delta communities where it operates. The overall objective is to concentrate all efforts in eradicating polio. 

SPDC has been strengthening the delivery of routine immunisation through clinic-based services in the 27 supported health facilities and community based outreach activities.