While the Trans Niger Pipeline has since been repaired and reopened from the crude theft leaks which forced its closure on July 16, similar incidents have caused several shut-ins thereafter. The latest occurred September 18 following reports of a leaking crude theft point at Bodo West in Ogoniland.

Separately, removal of 60 crude oil theft points on the downstream section of the Nembe Creek Trunkline between San Barth and Bonny led to restoration of production on that part of the line, and partial lifting of the force majeure declared on April 15. The partial lifting of the force majeure took effect on August 30. Unfortunately this section of the pipeline was shut in again on September 6 because of the environmental devastation from oil theft on our lines during night time. We are now removing further Illegal Connections from the NCTL.

This means that both the TNP and NCTL are shut. SPDC is making every effort to quickly repair and reopen the lines.

In western Niger Delta, the Trans Escravos Pipeline (TEP) was shut down on September 12 for removal of illegal connections and reopened on September 16.