The entire TNP system, comprising the 24-inch line and 28 inch line had been closed on October 9 as a precautionary response to the spills, but the 28” TNP was reopened shortly after investigations established that the leaks were on the 24 inch line only.

However, the 28-inch TNP has now been shut in again due to the fire at Patrick Waterside. The fire has now gone out but the 28-inch will remain closed until checks are carried out. This means that the entire TNP is shut-in, resulting in production of 150,000 barrels of oil per day being deferred. The force majeure on Bonny Light exports remains in place.

Investigations into the earlier incidents showed that unknown persons had drilled holes on the 24-inch TNP at B-Dere, while an excavation was observed at Bodo West. Investigation into the spill at Nonwa – Tai is continuing.

Meanwhile, SPDC is taking appropriate actions to minimize impact on the environment and ensure the safety of members of the community, SPDC staff and its contractors.  SPDC will initiate clean-up and remediation, as well as provide relief materials and compensate those who may be impacted upon establishment of volume and impact of any operational spill as determined by the JIV report.