Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Shell Nigeria Briefing Notes.

I always knew growing up Nigeria had a great deal of oil and gas. What I didn’t know then was that this Nation would become a leading producer and exporter of these resources. Nigeria’s advance in this sector has brought expertise, investment and development. Our nation has reaped many social and economic benefits. We have become known globally, not only for our oil and gas, but also for our music, fashion, football and film industry.

There have been challenges and we continue to face these with courage and innovation. As a community we must draw on this courage, as we confront COVID-19. I encourage Nigerians and indeed everyone to pull together, look out for one another and help keep each other safe.

Nigeria, like the rest of the world is confronted with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shell Companies in Nigeria have contributed to the $30 million Industry intervention led by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation to combat the pandemic. And we are enhancing clinical capacity with equipment and infrastructure in a number of hospitals. We live in uncertain times and, yet, these times may be among our most creative as we independently and collectively seek solutions to the challenges that will arise.

Beyond this immediate challenge, I believe Nigeria can still do more with its energy resources. I see a new focus in the energy sector, and it is driven by Nigerians with supportive foreign investments. There is considerable opportunity to be seized. However, it requires a stable and effective investment environment where local people and businesses are empowered by government and supported by investors and international oil companies, like Shell.

Our vision in Shell is to provide energy to unleash the creativity of our young and aspirational population, enabling them to find their own ways to prosperity. To do this, Shell Companies in Nigeria are working with the government to transform natural gas that was once flared into cleaner, reliable, more affordable energy.

We are also rejuvenating the oil production business in the heartland of the Niger Delta and expanding Nigeria’s revenue generating exports. We know the challenges that Nigeria faces but we also know that the breadth of these challenges is mirrored by the breadth of the opportunities and vibrancy and talent of Nigerians. Pulling together to ensure the conditions for commercial success and social advancement are put in place, the Shell Companies in Nigeria are up for the challenge.

 As a Nigerian, I know that doing business here is the right choice for the benefit of the current and future generations of Nigerians.

Country Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Nigeria’s oil and gas resources can power a diverse economy, expand domestic industries and increase the prosperity of its people. In 2019, Shell Companies in Nigeria paid about $1.5 billion in taxes and royalties to the Nigerian government.

Shell’s Interests in Nigeria

Nigeria is a core part of Shell’s global oil and gas business. For more than 60 years, Shell has worked in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria, local and international companies, investors, contractors and communities to develop the country’s oil and gas sector.