In 2019, Shell’s Nigerian businesses SPDC, SNEPCo and SNG made direct social investments of $40 million in Nigeria, making the country the largest concentration of social investment spending in the Shell Group.

■ Access to affordable healthcare.

■ Supporting education.

■ Enterprise support.

■ Accelerating access to energy.

■ Assistance and safety.


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Powering Nigeria’s Economy

Nigeria’s oil and gas resources can power a diverse economy, expand domestic industries and increase the prosperity of its people. In 2019, Shell Companies in Nigeria paid about $1.5 billion in taxes and royalties to the Nigerian government.

Shell’s Interests in Nigeria

Nigeria is a core part of Shell’s global oil and gas business. For more than 60 years, Shell has worked in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria, local and international companies, investors, contractors and communities to develop the country’s oil and gas sector.