Shell has invested in businesses in Nigeria for more than 60 years and has interests in several companies that produce, distribute and export oil, gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other energy products. Together with the Nigerian people, we have built robust businesses and contributed to neighbouring communities

The Nigeria Briefing Notes reflect the achievements made in the past year by Shell Companies in Nigeria, the progress that we have delivered, and the contributions we have made to communities and the country. In 2023, we funded $42.2 million of direct social investments in Nigeria, benefitting communities, health, education, road safety and enterprise programmes. SPDC, which produces onshore and shallow-water oil and gas, completed the handover of the Centre of Excellence in Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering to the University of Benin. Two other major educational infrastructure projects are under construction.

During 2023, SPDC supported 10 healthcare centres in the Niger Delta and – together with SNEPCo – funded the Health-in-Motion mobile healthcare programme, which, since its launch, has assisted more than one million people.

We are working with partners to reduce crude oil theft across our production and transmission infrastructure and will continue to clean up oil spills, despite the challenges arising from this illegal action. Closer engagement with communities during 2023 helped us to access spill locations faster, minimising environmental impacts of such spills.

Download the Nigeria Briefing Notes 2023 to read more about our successes and how we are tackling the challenges we face.