The force majeure was declared on October 10 as a result of production deferment from the spills which were recorded on the 24-inch line of the TNP at B-Dere and Nonwa-Tai.

Production was switched to the 28-inch line of the TNP, which was also briefly shut down for repair following a fire at Patrick Waterside, Bodo and reopened on October 16. Repair of the 24-inch line is progressing and it remains shut in.

Joint investigation of the spills has now been completed and the various reports signed off by all participants including representatives of the regulators, SPDC, security agencies and communities. While the spill at B-Dere came from a hole drilled by unknown persons, it was confirmed that pipeline failure was responsible for the incident at Nonwa-Tai. About 2,200 barrels of oil were spilled, of which more than 1,500 barrels have since been recovered. Further remedial measures, clean-up and repairs are continuing. 

SPDC again regrets the unfortunate incident and is carrying out a detailed investigation of the root cause of the pipeline failure. Arrangements for payment of compensation are being made in conjunction with people in Bunu-Tai and Nonwa-Tai, the two communities which the joint investigation confirmed were impacted by the spill. SPDC is committed to paying compensation in line with provisions of the law.