The fact is that Kolo Creek field logistics base has been supplying electricity to Elebele, Imiringi and Otuasega communities in line with an agreement reached in 1999. However, these communities have since expanded and the demand for power has exceeded the installed capacity. As an alternative, SPDC facilitated the hook-up of the communities to the Bayelsa Electricity Supply Board (BESB) grid, and also supplies gas to the BESB gas turbine at Imiringi. The communities have been enjoying stable power from the facility, but it is understood that the plant is currently undergoing major refurbishment.

We continue to implement development projects in the area. The Kolo Creek Cluster Development Board was inaugurated in 2007 as part of the Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) agreed for execution of the Gbaran-Ubie Integrated Oil and Gas Project. A total of N535mln was disbursed to the Board between 2006 – 2010 for the implementation of projects, including civic centres, accommodation quarters for teachers and youth corps members, drainage systems, internal roads, electricity hook-up and guest houses. Recently, scoping of three interconnecting roads has been completed for remedial actions to cope with the prevailing rainy season. SPDC will continue to engage Kolo Creek communities on implementation of development projects in the area.

We are in the process of engaging the protesting youths who have tampered with our installations in such a manner that poses serious threat to people and the environment. The Bayelsa State Government has been informed of the situation, and we hope that it will be resolved peacefully.