SNG’s distribution network currently spans three (3) main geographical locations in Nigeria namely Ogun State, Abia State, and Rivers State.

SNG operates a world class gas transmission and distribution network of approximately 138km in Nigeria. It operates several systems including Agbara-Ota in Ogun state including the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone, the Aba Cluster in Abia State, and the Port Harcourt Cluster in Rivers State. Over the years, SNG has built a reputation as the safest & most reliable gas distribution company in Nigeria.

The Agbara-Ota Transmission and Distribution System

This was commissioned by President Olusegun Obasanjo in January 2003. The network comprises of a Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (PRMS), a custody Transfer Station (CTS) and several customer stations. Our Agbara-ota gas transmission and distribution system is over 80 kilometers in length and its PRMS capacity is 102MMscf

The Aba Cluster

SNG has also completed its pipeline expansion to the Osisioma Industrial area of Abia State connecting industrial customers in the area directly to pipeline gas. Furthermore, construction work has commenced to provide pipeline gas to an IPP consortium that provides electricity to the popular Araria market in Abia State one of the largest open stall markets in West Africa, with over 37,000 shops. In the 1st phase of Araria IPP project commissioned by the President in 2019 currently provides electricity to over 4000 shops.

The Port Harcourt Network

In 2017, SNG entered into an agreement with the Rivers State Government for the distribution of gas to industries in the Greater Port Harcourt area and its environs. Gas supply to customers started in 2011 and the network is increasingly expanding.

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