As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria’s demand for reliable energy is growing quickly. Shell Energy Nigeria is expanding operations as a natural gas marketing and sales business in Nigeria to meet the growing energy needs of business customers.

Building on Shell’s presence in the country and the global marketing and trading capability of Shell Energy, we are excited about developing new gas distribution solutions and delivering competitive and reliable energy for power generation and industrial use across the country.

We aim to serve commercial and industrial organisations looking for reliable and bespoke energy prodlobal marketing and trading capability ofucts. Our gas solutions are designed to partner with other sources of energy – including renewables – to provide competitive, flexible and lower carbon energy.

Shell Energy Nigeria builds on the presence of Shell Nigeria Gas which has delivered natural gas to customers in Nigeria since 1998, operating safely, compliantly and reliably.

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd (SNG)

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd (SNG)

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd is a fully owned Shell company incorporated in 1998 for the downstream distribution of gas to industries in Nigeria. Its mission is to provide manufacturing and industrial customers with a clean, reliable, low-cost alternative to liquid fuel, and to assist in building a stronger Nigerian economy.

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