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The #makethefuture initiative

With our #makethefuture initiative we ask people around the world a bold question: what if your ideas could help answer the world’s energy challenges?

The goal of the initiative is to unlock people’s scientific ingenuity and creative spirit and inspire them to join our innovation-focused programmes – for example, Shell Ideas360 and Shell Eco-marathon for students, Shell LiveWIRE for young entrepreneurs, and Shell GameChanger for experienced innovators.

Now, more than ever, the world needs more scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians to face the world’s energy challenges.

Progress powered by footsteps

The #makethefuture initiative is focused on innovations that drive human progress. The perfect example is Laurence Kemball-Cook, who brought a powerful idea to the Shell LiveWIRE programme: to refurbish a run-down community football pitch in Morro da Mineira, a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

Beneath the surface we laid around 200 kinetic tiles, developed by a Laurence. These tiles capture energy generated by players’ movement and combined with energy from solar panels, the locals now have a partially-renewable source of electricity that helps power their pitch’s floodlights.

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