LiveWIRE Nigeria

Each year, Shell LiveWIRE Nigeria program provides finance and training for young entrepreneurs in the Niger Delta to set up and grow their business  

Shell LiveWIRE is a social investment programme that aims to help young Nigerians explore the option of starting their own business as a real and viable career option.  Its objective is to provide support and access to guidance to Nigerian young entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30.


LiveWIRE a Shell global community initiative was launched in Nigeria in 2003 to encourage young people to see starting a business as a desirable and viable career option. The programme exposes undergraduates and postsecondary school leavers to basic business principles and start up funds for business establishment. The programme has trained 3408 young people since 2003, of which 908 have received awards .

What is LiveWIRE?

LiveWIRE Nigeria is a youth enterprise development programme supported by The Shell Petroleum Devlopment Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC). The programme operates in the Niger Delta region and aims to inspire, encourage and support young people aged 18-30 to start up their own businesses in the Nigerian states of Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Abia, Imo, and Akwa-Ibom.

Programme Objectives

The objectives for the LiveWIRE Programme in Nigeria are to;

  • Raise business awareness amongst final year university students to encourage them to see starting a business as a valid career option.
  • Assist youths to discover and develop business 'ideas' through Bright Ideas Workshops.
  • Make available to youths that want to go on to start a business, business planning and management guidelines and skills through the Become A Successful Owner Manager Course (BSOM).
  • Run awards for best business plans, the price of which gives access to micro-credit facilities, through third parties like banks, NGOs and allied financial institutions.
  • Run an award for young people who have sustained a business for 2 to 3 years and continue the award on an annual basis.
  • Provide a volunteer mentoring programme for those who have completed the training course and decide to pursue starting their own business. Mentors can be drawn from oil & gas, banking, social voluntary sectors, etc.

Programme Content

  • Bright Ideas and Become a Successful Business Owner Manager (BSOM) workshops:
    These are run for groups of young people to stimulate exchange of ideas, encourage good planning for the most viable business idea, and to facilitate a good foundation on which to start up businesses. At the end of the Bright Ideas Workshops, outstanding participants are encouraged to complete the BSOM training workshop, at the end of which there are opportunities for awards and/or micro-credit through partner organizations for business start up.
  • Business Awareness Forum:
    This forum will provide a basic introduction to enterprise for young people as they prepare to graduate from universities. Potential business owners identified through this forum will be assisted further through a short BSOM course.
  • Young Business Leaders Awards:
    A prestigious cash awards programme for young owner managers who have been in business for up to 2 years and can demonstrate significant (best) progress in the areas of production/service, financial growth, employment opportunities generation, and improvements in management strategies. These awards are expected to help these young people to further grow and/or diversify their businesses.
  • Business Information and Enquiry Service:
    By providing Business Opportunities Profiles (BOPs), young people are introduced to the requirements for starting a particular business in terms of; capital, legal, technical and human resources, and the market opportunities that exist for such a business.

Success stories

LiveWIRE Nigeria beneficiaries have gone on to further excel. Two won the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Entrepreneurship Award. Another two beneficiaries won the LiveWIRE International “Go and Trade Enterprise Linkage Award” (2010) which enabled them make international trade visits to London, UK and Dubai, UAE.

Diana Marcus’ story

Beautician Diana Marcus explains how the finance and training she received from Shell LiveWIRE allowed her to grow her business.

Watch Diana tell her story.

Christy Obioma’s story

Christy Obioma explains how the Shell LiveWIRE program helped her set up her catering and event management company.

Watch Christy tell her story

How to Participate?

LiveWIRE programme is widely advertised - intending participants / beneficiaries should watch out for the adverts in local newspapers, handbills posters and on the website


On the Global level, LiveWIRE programme is funded by Shell, local companies, Government and individuals that are interested in youth development. Presently, the Nigeria Programme is being supported by the SPDC and Shell International although efforts are being made to involve other local companies and government to support the activities of LiveWIRE in Nigeria.

Philanthropists - Participating as a philanthropists

A philanthropist or someone interested in helping the youth become self employed, may want to fund the programme in his/her community, church or Local Government Area (LGA).

Partnerships - Participating as a partner

  • Corporate organisations - A corporate organisation may want to fund this programme in its host community as part of corporate social responsibility.
  • Government - There is enough opportunity to fund the LiveWIRE programme at Local and State levels.


Contributors shall be appropriately acknowledged in all the training documents and banners produced. Also, the beneficiaries are selected from specific areas of interest to the contributors. i.e. communities, LGA, etc. In some of the cases above, SPDC is willing to co-fund the programme especially if within the company's operational area.


The Programme Manager,

LiveWIRE Nigeria,

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