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Natural gas supply is generally more reliable than liquid fuel supply in trucks because it is a continuous flow stream through the pipeline. All a customer need do is to just open the valve.

Abundance & Availability

Natural gas is not imported, but is in abundant supply in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, where it is found in gas reservoirs or produced along with oil as associated gas.

Easy to Control

With natural gas, you can easily monitor and control your fuel/feedstock expenses and costs, without the fear of short-supply or spillage.

No Need For Storage

There’s also no need for huge capital investment on storage facilities because natural gas flows from the wellhead through pipelines and processing systems to locations where it is required.


No physical handling is required.


There are various types and sizes of burners and appliances available to suit different energy/utilization applications.

More Environment-Friendly

Natural gas is more environment-friendly, as it has much lower sulphur content than liquid fuels. It also burns more efficiently.