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Shell Tellus

In many cases, hydraulic systems are required to operate under variable conditions, for instance in outdoor applications where temperatures can change with the season or throughout the day, or when mobile equipment is transported from

one site to another.

Designed to give reliable hydraulic performance in a wide range of temperatures, the new Shell Tellus variable temperature hydraulic oils include a new polymer technology that helps them outperform major competitors and protect your investment.

Shell Tellus is the world’s leading hydraulic brand, and has now become better than ever. For help on choosing the right Hydraulic Oil use the Shell Tellus or the Shell Tellus EE brochure below.

Shell Tellus EE brochure (PDF, 320 KB) - opens in new window

Product Information

For Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Shell lubricants please visit our Electronic Product Catalogue (EPC) and select Country/Business from the left of the page. If your country does not appear in the drop down list, please contact us to request the TDS and MSDS you require.

In this Section

Shell has long been the leading supplier of outstanding products and services to a range of different industries
Our motorsport tie-ups with Ferrari, Ducati, Audi and NASCAR enable us to test products in extreme conditions and transfer technology from the race-track to the road.