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Shell Helix glass bottle

At Shell, we've been leading motor oil research for over 50 years, often at the sharp end of Formula One racing. It's this expertise that has led us to create Shell Helix. Tried and tested on the track, our world-class team of technicians and scientist continuously develop the oil to ensure it keeps engines in prime condition.

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Our Shell Helix Ultra product:

  • Helps to clean and protect for Maximum Performance
  • Cleans up to 5 times better than a normal mineral oil
  • Up to 3 times Better Shear Stability than a normal mineral oil
  • Up to 2 Times Better Oxidation Resistance than a normal mineral oil
  • Tested against an API SL/CF mineral oil

For more information on the Shell Helix range of products please download your product range brochure.

Shell Helix product range brochure

If you want maximum performance from your motor oil make sure you choose Shell Helix Ultra.


Shell has long been the leading supplier of outstanding products and services to a range of different industries
Our motorsport tie-ups with Ferrari, Ducati, Audi and NASCAR enable us to test products in extreme conditions and transfer technology from the race-track to the road.