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Basic Healthcare

Empowering communities to identify and manage their short term healthcare priorities and their long term needs.

Ebola response

Shell Companies in Nigeria in cooperation with NNPC and other partners are supporting the Federal Ministry of Health in its effort to contain the Ebola Virus Disease, which was first reported in Lagos in July 2014.

Health in Motion

Health-In-Motion takes free medical services to remote rural communities in the Niger Delta, where many people live on less than $2 a day.


How we work alongside partners towards a more co-ordinated strategy to diminish the spread of HIV/AIDS.


How our community development budget is spent on health-care measures to fight crippling and potentially fatal diseases.

Malaria Control

SPDC takes the threat posed by malaria very seriously and has joined efforts to control the disease.

Healthcare in the Niger Delta

health in motion

Since the programme launched it has reached 110 communities across seven states in the Delta, all in areas where SPDC operates. In 2011 more than 140,000 people received healthcare through the programme, and in 2012 it was highly commended in the Global Business Coalition on Health Awards: “Health-In-Motion exemplifies the powerful impact the private sector is making on global health,” said the panel of judges