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Shell Ideas360: What if tomatoes produced energy?

Education, as all parents and guardians admit, is a long-term investment with an equally long gestation period, but it is one of the best legacies to bequeath to individuals, groups and society. That has been the belief of Shell Nigeria since 1952. In 2014, $14.8 million was invested in scholarships by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo).

Cradle-to-Career Scholarship

The Cradle-to-Career Scholarship is an all-inclusive scholarship programme that provides opportunities for brilliant pupils of less-privileged background to attend reputable secondary schools in Nigeria.

University Scholarship Scheme

Launched in 1960, this post-secondary scheme is open to all Nigerians studying degree programmes in Nigerian universities.

Secondary School Scholarship Scheme

The Secondary School Scholarship Scheme is to enhance academic achievements among the students in SPDC host community schools.

Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship

This is an overseas scholarship programme that gives 10 places to candidates from SPDC’s operational areas to study for postgraduate qualifications at three top British institutions.

Public Notice

Public Notice on 2014 SNEPCo National Merit University Scholarship Award

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