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Students of the Universities of Benin (UNIBEN) and Lagos (UNILAG) joined other student teams from around the world, to participate and mark the end of Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The Nigerian students designed and built cars that impressed an international audience, but did not win any prizes, as they did not race competitively.

UNILAG Autonov2 driver describes her experience

Team getting their car ready for inspection

“It’s been an amazing experience for me and my team,” said Adekola Adeyemi, Team UNIBEN Manager. “We have been able to design and build a car. The competition offered us an opportunity to listen to one another, to solve problems together and to deliver success with and through others.”

“We interacted and learnt a lot from people in Rotterdam,” said Abraham Imohiosen, Team Manager for UNILAG, who is passionate about science and loves new challenges.

“We hope to do better next time,” he said, in the true spirit of a winner whose determination has only been heightened by this experience.

Team Nigeria - Members celebrate their outing

Team getting their car ready for inspection