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Tuke-Tuke passed all safety & technical evaluations

The vehicle built Team UNIBEN students passed all technical evaluations at the Shell Eco-marathon—this is noteworthy and has gained them a mention in this history of the Games as the first team from Sub-Saharan Africa to do so.

Building UNIBEN’s car named ‘Tuke-tuke’ was not easy. However the car was built using mostly local materials. For instance, the car’s brake pads are made from palm kernels and the interior is lined with adire. The students also added some innovative extras – including a windscreen wiper with a sensor that comes on automatically if it rains and a clap-activated lighting system.

Having passed all the rigorous technical and safety tests, the team is qualified to take part in the race in Rotterdam.

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Burden rejoices with Team UNIBEN

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Burden rejoices with Team UNIBEN

Team UNIBEN technical inspection

Team UNIBEN during technical inspection

The energy, the enthusiasm and the innovation that has taken place, and the fact that we have a Nigerian team here participating is an incredible milestone. In my mind, Africa is the continent of the future. It has so much potential: human potential, resource potential. It has so much dynamism, it has so much growth today that I think this actually is going to be a very very important milestone going forward. It is wonderful to have the Nigerian team here.”

CEO Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Ben Van Beurden


UNILAG's AutonovII passed all safety & technical evaluations

AUTO NOV11, the car built by Team UNILAG also passed technical and safety inspections.

Team UNILAG entered the Prototype Category, which focuses purely on energy efficiency, using solar panels and an electric battery.

The petite car is the shape of a teardrop, to minimise drag. Interestingly, the body includes natural materials from raffia. The car got a lot of attention at the event.

Nigerian delegates rejoice with Team UNILAG

Nigerian delegates rejoice with Team UNILAG

Team UNILAG technical inspection

Team UNILAG during technical inspection

I feel so happy and excited to be here. This is the first time that Nigeria is coming for the competition, and we have passed the technical evaluation. I feel proud to be a Nigerian.”

Mrs. Kolapo Jolayemi - Representative of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)