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AUTONOVII drives past at the opening ceremony parade

Dick Benschop, President Director, Shell Netherlands officially flags off the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014, while the AUTONOV II (No 341), Prototype, running on electric battery, competing for team UNILAG, from University Of Lagos, Nigeria, drives past at the opening ceremony.

Road to Rotterdam

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2014 welcomed 198 teams from 27 counties across Europe and beyond between May 15-18.

The first teams started arriving on Monday, 12 May. They come from all over Europe and as far away as Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine and Russia. France is represented by the most teams (57), with Germany, Spain and Turkey each having 20.

The teams compete in two categories. Prototype vehicles are futuristic and streamlined, where the primary consideration is to reduce friction and maximise efficiency. UrbanConcept vehicles are more conventional, designed and built to roadworthy specifications suited to the needs of today’s drivers.

Teams also opted for one of six fuel types: petrol, diesel, battery electric, hydrogen and alternative fuels ethanol and GTL.

 UNILAG at the opening ceremony drive-past parade

Team UNILAG Segun Adebayo and Abraham Imohiosen displaying AutonovII during the opening ceremony

How does the competition work?

Student teams from all over the world design and build ultra-energy-efficient vehicles to see how far they can drive using the least amount of energy. There are two classes and seven fuel categories: the Prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency; the UrbanConcept class encourages more practical designs. The competition is staged every year in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

UNIBEN at the drive past parade

Team UNIBEN Justice Oyemike and Iyamu Elohosa displaying Tuke-Tuke at the opening ceremony parade