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Shell Professorial Chairs

Seven Shell Professorial Chairs were endowed, the objective is to support educational advancement, and promote excellence in select Nigerian universities.

Shell Eco-marathon

The Shell Eco-marathon is a unique competition that challenges students across the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient vehicles and participate in a race to achieve the farthest distance on the least fuel.

Research & Development Projects

The program seeks to leverage on the available capacity in Nigerian universities to conduct R&D studies, and also become platforms for effective training and development of future E&P recruits.

Sabbatical Attachments

Through the Sabbatical Attachments program, university lecturers gain useful experience and exposure to new technologies that they would take back to the classroom.

skoool Nigeria

SPDC sponsored the development and deployment of skooolNigeria, an interactive web-based solution for the teaching and learning of Mathematics and science subjects in Nigerian secondary schools.

Shell Guest Lectureship and Summer Schools

Shell runs a Guest Lecturer program, through which Shell staff impart their industry experience and knowledge to Nigerian university students.