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In Nigeria, we are committed to social responsibility.  It is embedded in the way we carry out our day-to-day business.  We work with local organisations around our operations to be aware of their concerns and to ensure that the benefits of Shell's resources feed through to local communities and businesses.

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In just five years, the Obio Cottage Hospital in Port Harcourt, set up with funding from the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) and its joint venture partners, has become one of the most visited health facilities in the Niger Delta.

This remarkable achievement has been enabled by the Obio Community Health Insurance Scheme-the first community-run health insurance scheme in Nigeria- which has granted thousands of people in the Niger Delta access to affordable maternity care, vaccinations and a range of treatments. By the end of 2014, more than 45,000 people had enrolled on the programme, with over 10,000 babies safely delivered.


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SPDC has structured its economic development programme to enable communities and individuals to increase their income and improve their standard of living.

Shell’s support for scholarships and education programs - educational development and qualitative education that ultimately reaches all the people.

In 2006, SPDC introduced a new way of working with communities called the GMoU

Health care is one of the biggest challenges in Africa. SPDC currently supports 27 health facilities in the Niger Delta.

Our intervention strategy for developing youths in our host communities is aimed