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August 2016
Date Reported Incident Site JIV Date Terrain Cause Estimated Spill Volume (bbl) Clean-up Status Comments Photo JIV Report
06/Aug/2016 12'' Imo River 2 - Ogale Trans Niger Pipeline at Owaza 09/Aug/2016 Land Sabotage 14 Recovery completed on 13 Aug 2016, assessment completed on 26 Aug 2016, clean-up and remediation planned for September 2016 - Download (PDF, 470kb) Download (PDF, 109kb)
25/Aug/2016 6'' Obigbo North-Ogale Pipeline at Ogale 26/Aug/2016 Land Sabotage 21 Recovery planned for September 2016 - Download (PDF, 341kb) Download (PDF, 120kb)

* The names and signatures of members of the Joint Investigation Team are recorded on the last page of the JIV report. For reasons of personal security and confidentiality, this information is omitted from the published report.

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