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Converting sugar cane directly into petrol.

Converting sugar cane directly into petrol.

Biofuels are produced from biomass, such as plants, and can be used in transport fuel. We are already the world’s largest distributor of biofuels. Now we are building our capacity in today’s biofuels and working to make them more sustainable.

The CO2 performance of current biofuels depends on how they are produced. Ethanol made from Brazilian sugar cane, for example, produces around 70% lower CO2 emissions from production to use than petrol.

Today’s most widespread biofuel, ethanol, is commonly made from starchy or sugary plants.


Hydrogen is likely to play a role in transport in decades to come. Hydrogen is an energy carrier so its CO2 emissions depend on how it is produced. Most hydrogen is currently made from non-renewable sources like gas and coal, but in the future more could come from renewable energy or electrolysis. We are involved in research and have invested in a number of filling stations around the world.

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