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Afam VI Gets Set to Increase Output to 650MW

SPDC Joint Venture’s Afam V1 power plant, which began producing electricity in 2008, is set to increase output from 450 to 650MW with the commissioning of the combined cycle turbine on May 4 - 5, 2010.

The plant is to be shut down for the scheduled period of commissioning. Apart from increasing the capacity of the plant to 650MW, the combined cycle operations provides both environmental and efficiency benefits, by utilising heat produced from the gas without burning of any additional hydrocarbon fuel.

All stakeholders have been notified of the shutdown. SPDC regrets the shortfall in electricity generation that will result from the unavoidable shutdown, and will do everything to complete the exercise as scheduled.

Afam V1’s three gas turbines which were fully commissioned in July 2009, have since jointly supplied over 2.5 million megawatt hours of electricity to the national grid. The plant will boost Nigeria's electricity supply capacity by 20 per cent.

The facility is powered by gas from SPDC’s Okoloma gas plant which opened in 2008 and has the capacity to increase the nation’s gas supply by approximately 20%.