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Press Release

Provision of offshore diving & maintenance services

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) in its role as Operator of the NNPC/SPDC/AGIP/ELF Joint Venture, on behalf of the Joint Venture, intends to pre-qualify and technically evaluate companies with a proven national / international track record in marine & diving operations management to provide the services as listed below.

Planned Commencement Date

Four Years - with one year option for extension.

Contract Duration

The expected commencement date of the contract is Quarter 4, 2009.

Pre-qualification Package

  • Download the Advert Document (PDF opens in a new window - 104KB)
  • Download the Letter of Invitation (PDF opens in a new window - 172KB)
  • Download the Pre-qualification questionnaire (PDF opens in a new window - 822KB)

Please Note

Application forms are available on the NIPEX portal.

Bidders are required to provide evidence of their registration in NJQS.

Only suppliers with ‘published’ status in the NipeX JQS database are eligible.

Tenders without valid DPR certificate/permits will not be processed.