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Press Release

SPDC Sponsors Radio Programme on Small-Scale Business Development

As part of its contributions towards the economic development of the Niger Delta, The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) is sponsoring a series of radio programmes on small-scale business development for entrepreneurs in its Eastern and Western areas of operations. The 30-minute 'The Small Business Today Radio Show' starts airing August 13 2009, and will run for one year on two radio stations; Port Harcourt - Family Love 97.7 FM and Warri - Jeremy 95.1 FM.

The 30-minute 'The Small Business Today Radio Show' starts airing August 13 2009, and will run for one year on two radio stations in Port Harcourt and Warri.

Social Performance Manager Emeka Obi said: “The radio programme will be down-to-earth and give people invaluable tips on business development and management. We are pleased to contribute to wealth creation, poverty reduction and sustainable development in our areas of operation.”

Some 52 episodes of the programme will run on the two stations, which cover Rivers, Bayelsa, Abia, Imo, and Akwa Ibom, Delta and Edo states. Charles Nwahiwe, a consultant on small business enterprise development, is hosting the programme with the goal to coach and mentor on sustainable business principles and management skills, and create a forum for successful entrepreneurs to share experience and learning. 

Listeners would be able to participate by short text messages during live broadcast, or by email (smallbusinesstoday@yahoo.com).  Some 26 topics have been identified for discussion, ranging from identifying and starting small-scale businesses and financial planning and budgeting to business ethics and building an effective organisational structure.

Charles said: “Radio is a medium for the masses, and presents a good platform to reach people at the grassroots on how they can manage their own businesses. We will constantly review the topics to meet the needs of listeners.”

SPDC, operator of the NNPC/Shell/Total/Agip Joint Venture has been in the forefront of encouraging the growth of small businesses in the Niger Delta through many initiatives such as LiveWIRE, Telecommunications Self Employment Programme (TELSEP) micro-credit, agriculture as well as land and marine transport schemes.

These and other efforts have led to the establishment of numerous small businesses. However, many of these budding entrepreneurs and other operators of small businesses lack the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes for the effective and sustainable operations of small businesses. It is hoped the radio programme will help to address this need and significantly improve the quality of operations of small-scale businesses in the Niger Delta.

SPDC’s contribution to the economic development of Nigeria involves the production of oil and gas and payment of royalties and taxes. For example from 2005 to 2008, the Joint Venture operated by SPDC contributed more than $34 billion to the government.

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