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Press Release

2009 Graduate Recruitment Campaign

The tougher the challenge, the better it feels when you finally overcome it. Most people wouldn’t have thought it was possible to run a gas rig on less power than it takes to boil a kettle. But that didn’t stop us from finding a way. If you get a kick out of being challenged, talk to us.

We’re looking for ambitious graduates who can work with us towards meeting the energy challenge, particularly in the following corporate support functions:

  • Finance 
  • Information Technology / Computer Science 
  • External Affairs
  • HR

We’ll provide training, support and career choices to help you develop your potential. And we’ll get you working with some of our most accomplished problem solvers. Together we can help build a responsible energy future.

What we are looking for

  • A good academic record - 2.1 or 2.2 plus a Masters degree in:

     - Information Technology/Computer Science, Social Sciences, Accounting/Finance or related disciplines.

  • You must have excellent numeracy, analytical and problem-solving skills, and be capable of delivering results and working effectively with others.
  • A good command of written and spoken English is a requirement.
  • You should have no more than 3 years post-NYSC work experience.

Method of Application


  • Register first -  complete the “Data Protection” section and enter your personal details. You’ll need to confirm your e-mail address.
  • Look out for our confirmation e-mail entitled “Your Shell Account Information” in your inbox.
  • After confirmation, log on to your account and submit your application.
    In the “Opportunities and Eligibility” section, select “Employment”.

Apply Now - opens in a new window

Application closes on May 31, 2009.

Shell is an Equal Opportunity Employer.