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Press Release

Making Sense of Nigeria's Troubles

Shell’s Country Chair in Nigeria, Basil Omiyi, examines Shell operations in the Niger Delta against the background of recent security challenges in the area.

The world's eyes are increasingly drawn to Nigeria, as militant groups in the Niger Delta attack installations and oil workers. With violence becoming a constant presence in the Delta, there is growing concern over Nigeria's future as a heartland for the oil and gas industry. Basil Omiyi, Shell's Country Chair in Nigeria, remains hopeful. Here he tells Shell World that the root of the crisis is continued poverty and underdevelopment. He says companies like Shell can generate revenues and jobs and invest in community development, but "it's not their role to replace government". 

Basil Omiyi, Shell’s Country Chair in Nigeria, was at the United Nations in New York mid September, attending a pan-African investment round-table. He spoke to Paolo Black about some of the challenges facing Nigeria and Shell’s operations there. Full interview.



For more background information about Shell’s activities in Nigeria, see the Briefing Notes.