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Shell issues first Technology Report

Shell issues first Technology Report

Royal Dutch Shell plc (‘Shell’) today issues its first Technology Report: an overview of 27 advanced technologies, some delivering benefits today and others that will shape the future of the energy industry. The Shell Technology Report shows how the company is developing and applying technology to meet the tremendous challenge of securing the world’s growing energy needs in an environmentally responsible way.

Shell has been at the forefront of innovation for over 100 years. The launch of the Murex, the world’s first seagoing tanker, revolutionised oil product transport in 1892 and helped establish Shell as a major force in the industry.  A succession of advances has followed – right up to the present day.

The Shell Technology Report provides clear descriptions of some of the company’s most innovative and promising technologies such as Smart Fields® technology - integrating the latest digital technology to boost production – which will play a key role in Shell’s future plans.

The report shows how Shell is working to provide clean, secure energy, highlighting our expertise in liquefied natural gas (LNG), clean coal technology, Gas to Liquids (GTL) Fuel and deep water drilling. It also explores new horizons including offshore wind, cleaner diesel and other biofuels, and our projects to capture and store carbon dioxide.

Jan van der Eijk, Group Chief Technology Officer said:  "We are committed to turning innovative ideas into commercial applications for providing the energy and petrochemicals that societies need to grow and prosper.  Shell’s adventurous spirit has often led to great technological achievements.  That spirit is very much alive in the Shell Technology Report."

The Shell Technology Report is available to download from the Shell Technology and Innovation website at www.shell.com/technology (link opens in a new window).