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Press Release

Shell 2007 Safety Days

The Shell Group has set aside June 5 and October 16, 2007 as Shell Safety Days, during which all Operating Units within the Group are expected to undertake some introspection that would hopefully help them to develop a roadmap for improving safety in their operations.

The focus of this year’s campaign - COMPLIANCE - is one of the Shell HSE Golden Rules. Complying with these has long been identified as a key factor in meeting our safety targets. It requires everyone to intervene quickly and without equivocation, each time they are confronted with unsafe or non-compliant situations.

As part of these events, engagements have been planned for various teams and organizations, as well as for contractors. These engagements will be devoted largely to generating new ideas that would help us to develop an action plan for achieving greater compliance, and a safer environment for all to live and work in.