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Update on SNEPCo response to Bonga oil leak: dispersants are having an impact; oil continues to thin and break up.

SNEPCo confirms the oil leaked from the Bonga facility continues to thin as a result of the effective use of dispersants by seaborne vessels and aircraft.
Oil sheen on sea surface, with traces of dispersant

Oil sheen on sea surface, with traces of dispersant

Surveillance and aerial photos show the spill is breaking up into patches surrounded by clear water.  The spill remains offshore.   We continue to monitor its movement using satellite imagery and vessels in the zone. 

Shell’s country chair in Nigeria, Mutiu Sunmonu, said “two aircraft and multiple seaborne vessels have been mobilized to survey and spray dispersants in the affected areas.  These activities are having visible effect.”

SNEPCo has brought in experts from across the globe to Nigeria to support the response team, which is working around the clock in shifts.   The company continues to engage with the local communities.  Joint efforts, in close cooperation with local and national governments and industry partners, continue to combat the spill.



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