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Smiling graduate with colleagues at the back

We asked Shell employees on our Graduate Programme working in different roles around our organisation to talk about their expectations and experiences. Listen to what they have to say.

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Mechanical Engineer - opens in new window

Ever wonder what working as an engineer is like outside of the classroom and into the energy industry? Hear from our Discipline Engineer technical graduate, Rina Yang as she shares her career journey, experiences in Shell and insights into her role.

Contract & Procurement - opens in new window

A strong support network will smooth your entry into working life: a supervisor, on- the- job coaches, mentors and professional experts will be there to help you succeed. Caroline Ng sought for an exciting commercial career upon graduation as a Senior Buyer in Shell's Contracting & Procurement department. Find out how she hones her commercial acumen and leadership skills through day-to-day work activities and numerous challenges.

Commercial Downstream - opens in new window

At the heart of the oil and gas industry, Tobias Chen joined Shell's graduate programme in Business Development. An exciting platform from which he can excel, feel pride in his achievements and propel is careers, all while having the flexibility to ensure that his work complements his life. Find out what makes his experience with Shell like no other.

Why should I join Shell? - opens in new window

Hear what young experts in the Shell Graduate Programme have to say about Shell. Contributing to solving critical real-world problems, getting involved in large-scale projects, having the opportunity to go wherever you want within a global organisation. Find out what appealed to them.

Learning, Development and Support - opens in new window

A culture of continuous learning helps you discover your strengths and develop your skills. As your knowledge builds, so does the possibility to experience more, such as working alongside intelligent, motivated people who have time to invest in you and your professional development.

The social side - opens in new window

Shell is a place where you're part of the team, not just a new joiner in the corner, as several people in the Shell Graduate Programme explain. It's a community, young and friendly, where you soon get to know everyone, especially as the social side of work is just as important as putting in the hours.