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Shell Sales and Marketing careers are crucial to delivering Shell products and services to customers across the globe. Shell is one of the world’s most recognised and valuable brands and one of the biggest branded retailers. We aspire to be the most innovative energy company in the world.

A Sales and Marketing job at Shell revolves around the customer experience and helps to create value across the entire customer chain. We are looking for salespeople and career marketers that have an intrinsic appreciation for delivering value and driving customer satisfaction.

Driving profitable growth by connecting with customers and understanding their needs is key to Sales and Marketing at Shell whether our customers are high street consumers, business partners, governments or NGOs.

That is why Shell is seeking to recruit talented Sales and Marketing professionals who are brimming with personality and corporate experience, passionate about enhancing customer experience and who can build trusting relationships. We are looking for individuals to be a part of a customer-focused organisation.

Meet the manager, Juan Ignacio Elias

Juan Ignacio Elias is the Global Direct Sales Excellence Lead for Shell Global Commercial. Juan joined Shell in his home country of Argentina and now lives in the US. He says the key differentiators between Shell and other international oil companies are in the value of the Shell brand, its global development opportunities and its commitment to the customer.

“I held several local, regional and global positions in Sales and Marketing roles,” says Juan, “I particularly enjoyed accessing such diverse scope, and working in a global company with strong core values as honesty, integrity and respect for people.

“The Shell brand appealed to me significantly. I had a background in Sales and Marketing in different companies linked to the transport sector; joining the Shell Lubricants business was a perfect fit.”

Juan, who has worked for Shell for more than a decade now, explains how Shell champions effective commercial teams in order to provide the best customer experience possible.

“Working for Shell in any commercial role will expose you to working with a very professional and diverse team using the latest techniques and tools, while maintaining a good work-life balance.

“There is practically no discipline you could not practice at Shell; the organisation offers opportunities to develop your potential in a multitude of areas. You’ll be surrounded by highly professional individuals from all over the world, with common values. I’ve been able to contribute to how sales people work more effectively around the world, in all businesses within Global Commercial.”

Meet the manager, David Wood

“I’m very proud of Shell,” says David, who has been with the company for 17 years. “I think people get emotionally attached to the brand. It’s a very common cultural trait here. As marketers, we’re trying to get the general public – the millions and millions that interact with us every day – to feel that sort of pride when they choose Shell. That’s probably the most rewarding thing about my job, almost everyone you meet is a customer.”

He adds that operating more branded retail outlets than any other company worldwide presents its own unique and exciting challenges to enhancing the customer experience. “We have so many customer touchpoints around the world. We are constantly striving to ensure that those millions of people receive an experience that lives up to our brand.”

Voice of the Customer

Smiling customer standing at the counter of a Shell service station

One example of Shell’s commitment to driving its customer-focused business is the Voice of the Customer campaign. Launched in 2012 in Shell service stations in the UK and rolled out across Shell-branded outlets around the world in 2013, the concept allows the Sales and Marketing teams at Shell to discover in real time what customers think about their experience during their visit to Shell.

The scheme has helped Shell better understand what customers care about in their own, unprompted words. ‘Voice of the Customer’ is beginning to shape how Shell service stations operate and also showcases great service from those who are representing Shell at the front line – instances where staff have gone above and beyond to help or brighten someone’s day. Moreover, the scheme has prompted a crucial international dialogue between customers and Shell, and the response is proving very positive.

Commercial Excellence

As part of our drive to maximise customer value, our internal Commercial Excellence programme seeks to identify and develop the best sales practices for our commercial teams. The programme helps skilled Sales and Marketing career professionals coordinate and align their work to understand and fulfill customers’ needs.


Achieving and maintaining Commercial Excellence requires that we constantly benchmark outside of the business to ensure we are employing the right set of behaviours, processes and tools. We have a dedicated organisation within Shell that cares about this.


Sales and Marketing jobs at Shell immerse you in the latest commercial management practices, allowing you to contribute your experience to our highly-respected sales organisation.

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