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Experience world-class engineering

The world’s energy challenges  are becoming more complex by the day. We’re looking for people who share our passion for taking on those challenges with innovative thinking, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to properly managed risk.

Right now, we need Process Engineers to help with the development and production of raw hydrocarbons and the subsequent processing into commercial products.

Shell’s Process Engineering community consists of some 2,400 people located around the globe across four business areas:

■ EP

■ Gas

■ Refining

■ Chemicals

Our engineers can be found in all aspects of our business from its traditional heartland of design and operations, to research, technical safety, supply and distribution and new business development.

Process Engineering is vital across our business. Its broad scope ranges from day-to-day visits to the control room, discussing issues with operators, to long-term project development.

We design and optimise chemical processes. We also provide technical support to oil and gas production facilities, refineries and chemical plants – both onshore and offshore.

As part of our world-class Process Engineering team, you’ll ensure the technical integrity of plants and new projects for both internal and external customers. Or you may be required to design, optimise and improve the operation of equipment and facilities. You could also advise on process safety issues, analyse and interpret laboratory and plant data, or commission new installations.

Whatever challenges you take on, we can offer you a career at the forefront of industry innovation, with outstanding professional development and opportunities to work on some of the most demanding and exciting energy projects anywhere in the world.

What technology breakthrough could you work on?

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