Using traditional and social media advertising, the 2016 Shell advertising campaign, #makethefuture, follows from the ‘Let’s Go’ outreach and seeks to promote advocacy and partnership for Bright Energy Ideas as part of Shell’s thought leadership on the Future of Energy in a rapidly growing world.

In 2014, Shell set out to put a bright energy idea into action. In the heart of Morro da Mineira, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, we powered a rundown football pitch with kinetic and solar energy to demonstrate our belief that a mix of innovative ideas can change the way we power communities. The idea worked and Shell’s ambition to repeat the success of the football pitch in Nigeria was born.

How stories can light up lives

For people living off grid, sustainable light solutions like the GravityLight can help transform lives and inspire imaginations.

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Africa’s first human and solar powered football pitch at the Federal College of Education, Akoka, Lagos is made with more than 90 underground tiles that capture kinetic energy from the footsteps of players which, alongside solar panels, help power the floodlights overhead.

The future of energy is buzzing in the heart of Lagos, improving the lives and safety of those in the community through innovation in energy. Watch the videos and listen to the podcasts below to learn more about the Power of Ideas and what Shell Nigeria is doing in education and innovation.

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In Shell, we believe the answers to tomorrow’s energy challenges lie in the power of people’s ingenuity, and that together we can #makethefuture today.

What we do

Shell is an integrated energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

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Youth Skills Development

Our intervention strategy for developing youths in our host communities is aimed primarily at equipping the youths with appropriate skills necessary for creating employment opportunities and places emphasis on self-reliance and entrepreneurship.  

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Each year Shell helps thousands of young people to start-up their businesses, develop their skills, and boost their contacts through Shell LiveWIRE.

Scholarships and Education Programmes

Shell’s support for educational development involves assisting host communities to provide sustainable and qualitative education that ultimately reaches all the people.